1. A Star is Born (2018)

The film focuses on the famous musician Jackson (Bradley Cooper) and his struggles with fame and addiction. He meets the talented singer and songwriter Ally (Lady Gaga) after her performance in a downtown bar in Los Angeles. He’s memorised by her voice and believes that she will become a star. In the process of helping her music career, they both fall deeply in love. It follows the struggles of the music industry and the not so glamorous parts as Bradley continues to struggle. Allys devotion means she never gives up on him but Jackson realises his addictions are burdens on her.

2. Yesterday (2019)

This film tells the story of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) a talented singer-songwriter whose dream is to become famous and tour the world. It takes us on his journey as he faces many struggles, including constant rejection, and begins to lose faith in his dreams. He’s frightened he’ll lose all of his passion and drive as it slowly fades away. Events take a shocking turn when he’s involved in a car accident and goes into a coma. When he awakens he discovers The Beatles never existed. The world has never heard of them. Confused but determined, he performs songs by the greatest band in history and becomes a sensation.

3. Walk the Line (2005)

This film is a tribute to the American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix plays Johnny Cash and beautifully reenacts pivotal points of his life and many performances all around the world. It gives insights into the struggles that Cash faced growing up with an alcoholic dad and the death of his older brother. He’s filled with resentment for his parents and believes that the wrong son was taken. This was the inspiration behind many of his most famous songs. He used his hardships to drive him to succeed and prove everyone wrong, especially his dad who didn’t believe he would.

4. The Doors (1991)

This film revolves around the story of Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer) and his journey to fame after becoming the lead singer in The Doors band. They quickly become a huge sensation and have to grow accustomed to fame. It highlights the struggles of the music industry in the ’90s and the prevalent drug culture. Slowly but surely he gets himself into a dangerous addiction that threatens his career and personal relationship. His band members and girlfriend are extremely worried and try to find ways to help him but are failing. Will he descend into darkness and lose everything that he has? or will he save himself.

5. The Young Ones (1961)

This film centres around the main protagonist British teenager Nicky (Cliff Richard) and his group of friends. They find that their youth club is in danger of being demolished and replaced with office blocks. To stop this from happening the town council says £1500 needs to be raised to pay the new owner. The only problem is, no one is overly bothered about saving the youth club apart from the boys. They decide to record a song about the youth club and put on a show to save the youth club. But are their musical skills good enough to raise enough money?

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