Popcorn Monsters Kettlebell Reviews

Top 5 Criterion for Choosing a Kettlebell


1. Durability of the Kettlebell- One of the main reasons we don’t recommend plastic kettlebells is because they fall apart quickly.  We recommend a single cast structure to the kettlebell.  There are many reviews for plastic kettlebells filled with sand and being dropped and cracking.  Single cast kettlebells is the way to go.

2. Comfortableness - Training itself, is supposed to push you outside your comfort zone a bit.  However, that doesn’t mean that a poorly designed kettlebell should add to it.  Having wide handles, helps both your grip and your wrists from having too much pressure.

3. Base of the KB - If you want to use it for exercises where you put it on the floor, than having a wide base is an absolute must.  Whether doing push ups or rows, it is better to have a wide base.

4. Outside Coating - We have read reviews of plastic KBs tearing up your hands.  We have read of smooth kettlebells being hard to grip when you start sweating.  That is why having a textured finish kettlebell is the best option.

5. Price - This is a big factor for a lot of people, especially if you are a buying a few kettlebells – which you should be doing.

Price chart for a 35lb/16kg kettlebell with shipping charges to east/west coasts.

35lb/16kg Cap Barbell MDUSA Kettlebell Ader Rep Fitness
Price  $35 $46 $66 $61
Price + Shipping to CA  $35 $79 $95 $61
Price + Shipping to NY  $35 $63 $81 $61
kettlebell for sale here kettlebell for sale here
Information current as of 6/20/14

Popcorn Monsters Kettlebell recommendation:  We highly recommend Muscle Driver USA kettlebells and Rep Fitness kettlebells.  They give you the highest quality kettlebell for a low price.  But, if you are broke, go with the Cap Barbell kettlebells.   The Rep Fitness kettlebells have flat bases, smooth handles, and a textured powder coat that is extremely durable. The Cap kettlebells have a glossy painted finish that eventually chips and wears off, plus the glossy finish makes it slippery in the hand when you sweat, which is bad when swinging a heavy weight around. In addition, they don’t always have a flat base which makes renegade rows very difficult.

Muscle Driver Kettlebell Styles – Popcorn Monsters Recommended Kettlebell


1. Black Series Kettlebells - MD USA matte black kettlebells in pounds.  This is a good kettlebell for most users, with weight options 10 to 100 lbs.  Some training manuals deal only in kilograms, but it honestly isn’t a big deal if it recommends a 24kg weight (53lbs) and you use a 55lb kettlebell.  The matte black finish is a really popular finish for most athletes too.  Click HERE to Order



2. Gray Series V3 Kettlebells - For those of you looking for kilogram weighted kettlebells, the Gray Series V3 comes in weights from 6kg to 44kg, including the popular 24kg and 32kg kettlebells.  Great for those prescribed Crossfit workouts, or for any of the European users.  The traditional kettlebell comes in kilograms.  Click HERE to Order



3. V2 Pro Series Kettlebells - Competition kettlebells, or those of you who prefer kettlebells all the same size regarldess of weight.  Weights from 8kg to 36kg.  Some people like getting used to one size, regardless of the weight, and this is the kettlebell for those people.  Click HERE to Order



4. Fitness Series Kettlebells - The paint chips over time, and that is just a fact.  Nothing looks perfect forever, but MD USA has made a kettlebell that has a protective vinyl layer on the outside to prevent chipping.  If you are doing swings in your living room or a place that has to be kept very clean, this is your best option  Comes in lighter weights – 5 to 50 lbs.  Click HERE to Order

Additional Advice When Picking Out Kettlebells – Choosing Weights

So, you know which kettlebell(s) you want, but you aren’t sure what weight to be using.  General recommendations is that beginners use something around 15lbs for women and 20-25lbs for men.  After a couple weeks, you’ll need to move up to probably 53lbs/24kg kettlebell for men, and 35lb/16kg kettlebell for women.   From there, the sky is the limit.  Remember, these are general guidelines, and you should always talk to your physician before doing any exercise.  Technique is extremely important when using kettlebells, so try to find some local classes to take.  Don’t be shy!  Learning solid technique early on is vital to making sure you progress in the long run, and avoid injuries.

Why you shouldn’t choose just any kettlebells for sale

Our goal with this kettlebell review website is to provide you with enough information to make an educated decision that you will be happy with for a long time.  If you have any question, feel free to shoot us an e-mail and we will most likely get back to you within a couple days.  However, make sure you read all the information!  Our reviews are pretty comprehensive, and the few points we leave out, you should be able to fill.  Therefore, you shouldn’t have to randomly choose any kettlebell for sale, but be making an informed decision that you will be happy with for years to come!

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